Find Deeper Meaning in Delphia

It is a redundant question that just about everyone encounters at some point: what is in a name? Of course, most people know the real answer: everything! Names play a major role in peoples' lives, from the way they are judged on job applications and upon first meetings down to the very last entry in the annals of their lives. Years ago, names were considered more as a practical means of identifying a person. Today, however, a name is often a creative and highly personal statement that may ultimately dictate a person's hopes and dreams.

The name 'Delphia' has significant historical and mythological connotations. It is typically regarded as a variant of the Greek word 'delphis', which means dolphin, or 'delphus', which means womb. It is a singularly powerful and unique feminine name that has connotations of comfort and security. Delphia is also the name of the main character in the 1647 play "The Prophetess". Others have identified Delphia as a likely offshoot of the name 'Delphine', a French saint born in the 13th century.

Delphia is indisputably a powerful feminine name that has roots in ancient Greece and France. Its meaning calls to mind the abstract concepts of security and fertility. Those who are given this name can take pride in its rich history.