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Origin and Meaning of the Name Delphia

The origin and meaning of the name Delphia varies according to nationality and language. The name itself is rich in history, from English versions to Spanish and Greek. Delphia, because of its many origins and meanings, remains rich in history and beauty.

Brotherly love

In the English speaking world, the name Delphia is a girl's name, which is short for Philadelphia. Philadelphia, in turn, comes from Greek, meaning "brotherly love," which explains why Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is known as the city of brotherly love.

Woman of Delphi

In Greek, besides meaning "brotherly love", Delphia also means "woman of Delphi." The significance of this origin lies in ancient Greek mythology, when the Greek god Apollo had the renowned Oracle of Delphi dedicated to him. Throughout history, Greeks in need of guidance made a pilgrimage to this oracle, a young woman, to answer their questions and give them advice.


Another origin of Delphia lies in Spanish, which means "dolphin." This name may derive from the France's St. Delphine. According to history, Delphine was a woman born in 1284. In her life, she gave all of her vast riches and possessions to the poor, held to a lifelong vow of celibacy and patiently endured all sorts of hardships, which eventually earned her sainthood

From dolphins, brotherly love and the Oracle of Delphi, the origin and meaning of the name Delphia varies in vibrant, beautiful ways. Whatever the meaning, each version of this name presents a worthy legacy.